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ACELC Conference-Day 3

Thursday was the last day of the ACELC conference, and unfortunately, there were samples that I had to plant (the burdens of being the sole proprietor of your office). But the time I put in there was well worth it, and having received the edification from the conference, I feel much more apt to converse on some of these issues with my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Today’s address was from Pastor Clint Poppe, the chairman of the ACELC, where he discussed the state of the organization and where he hopes it will head over the next year. The ACELC was formed out of discussions that Pastor Poppe had with other pastors concerning the differences in theology and practice, while in the meantime, backroom decision plagued the political workings in the LCMS. So Pastor Poppe and his colleagues sought to form an organization that sought to study the Scriptures and use them to address the theological problems of Synod.

When I hear these things, I am encouraged. Our Synod has been divided in both doctrine and practice, although the divide in doctrine is not as widely acknowledge. When some congregations are embracing the church growth tactics and mainstream evangelicalism while others rigorously study Walther, we need to talk about our differences. Even in my own congregation, there was someone in Bible study who suggested something that I’m quite opposed to. No one likes to do this, because it inevitably involves a certain amount of conflict. But if we ignore our differences and let our resentments fester, its only going to make those fights worse.

So as I read through some of the ACELC’s documents that they handed out, I was very optimistic about the proposed changes. It means a lot to me that other pastors and lay people care about what we believe and will work to educate each other on what God has done for us. Thanks be to God!

Now, I’m going to bed, but tomorrow I’m going to get up and review some of the documents, and hopefully work up some more stuff on Pless’ closed communion statement.

2 responses to “ACELC Conference-Day 3

  1. Pastor Scott Porath February 10, 2012 at 10:22 pm


    Thanks for giving your thoughts on the conference. It’s always great to hear how it was perceived by others. I’m sorry that I didn’t see you (or recognize you) at the conference. It would have been nice to talk with you.

    Pastor Scott Porath
    Immanuel (Eagle)

    • Derek Johnson February 10, 2012 at 10:56 pm

      Thanks for reading my blog. I would really like to talk with you (I met you briefly when you filled for Pastor Kuhlmann at Eagle and I was visiting), and will continue to follow the work of the ACELC. Let me know if you ever come to Seward. Have a blessed day.

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