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That’s what my half bedroom looked like last year. Here’s what it looks like this year.

Junker Part 2...

Junker Part 2…

So yes some new furniture and the photos have been hung in rooms I work in, but no real change. The other day, I went into my closet-room to hang clear plastic insulation over the window, groping over every box on the floor.

I could throw all that paper away. I don’t.

Challenge of Choirs

Lot on My Mind

Lot on My Mind

It usually starts when I’m on the couch at 4:53, and PTI is winding down. I’ll be playing Call of Duty: World at War Zombies on my phone, and I start thinking about dinner. If it’s the first time I’ve thought about dinner that afternoon , the tasks of chopping, stirring, and frying an entire meal will feel as daunting as scaling a mountain.  If I’m already feeling hungry, I’ll be rationalizing a trip to Runza or Amigos, wherever I happen to have coupons. Such choirs can’t possibly get in the way.

Then I get up, fix my meal, and while I’m eating, I wonder why I would ever discard the peace of mind of having my next meal already cooked.

I could repeat this routine of electronics stealing attention from any number of choirs. There’s a wad of unfolded clothes in one of the baskets, and I’ll have four more articles I want to read. My favorite episode of The Big Bang Theory is about to come on, and I’ll be thinking about making cookies. I’m sitting next to a mess on the couch it would take five minutes to clean (which I literally am doing right now), but I’m watching a baseball game while I’m scanning my Twitter feed, looking for something to tweet about. Because after all, I haven’t tweeted in four hours, even if these newspapers have been on my couch for over six weeks.

Adult Life Paradox: you do have a lot of free time, and your mom isn’t around to nag you. But there is a lot of stuff you have to do, particularly when you own a house. There is no schedule, except for the one you make for yourself. (And I don’t have children.)

When I have a game or information in my hands, getting up and doing something would feel overwhelming. But the second I cut that first piece of meat or start the water, it feels simple. Certain choirs come more easily: cooking yields more of a reward than filing organizing, which I can only do for an hour max. But it’s better than a life full of fat.


My Home Nooks

I live in an odd, old house. But with all that old stuff, it’s got some nice spaces I’d like to show you.

Entry way...

Entry way…

Here’s something I never would have thought of: a window in the front door. What I don’t like the entry way is, when I come in, I feel like I’m in a hole, not in my house. It’s a contained space, a lot of which is space I never go into.



This is my second bedroom. Right now, it’s an office. I have a feeling that it will turn into that room that I never use, but it gives me another place to sort things out in. Only things that have been sorted go in here-no random junk. The plastic crate is where I keep my printer paper.



The sight above is a momentum to my excruciating laziness. I had moved the L-desk to my place from the office, along with file cabinet above, and tried three or four times to put the glass top back on the suction cups. Didn’t work out. Finally, my Dad came over, and we got it done.

The Little Closet...

The Little Closet…

Oh, my one precocious closet in a 1900’s house, thanks for having some extra shelves in you. Once upon a time, we had so many fewer possessions. There’s a light in the back of the closet because it opens into both bedrooms. I’m guessing a single closet this size is some women’s worst nightmare.



This my spare room/half-bedroom/possibly future bedroom. I’ve been meaning to throw away some of that paper, or at least go get some more shelves to stack stuff on, and at least sort through some of the files and get them organized, so I don’t have to bungle around when I’m looking for my old bills and stuff. Finally, I went out and got a storage case to put some of this stuff in. Hopefully, this will look better at some point.



This is the window in my bedroom.  Right before moving, I thought about getting a bigger dresser, but then I got this chest in a bench by the window. (There’s a fancy word for it, but I don’t know what it is.) So this bench is my dresser, which is great given that I never sit on it. It still needs some dividers to organize it.



I give a lot of credit to whoever decided to put in those shelves directly into the wall, even though I’m using them as makeshift picture hangers.

Looking Frame...

Looking Frame…

I’m not sure, but I think my back utility room was built on to the house back in seventies, but thanks to the people who decided to leave this kitchen widow for me to look out into the backyard.



I bought the landscape photo at a garage sale in Utica, straight out of the Bob Ross collection. The poster is last year’s Big Red Wrap-Up poster-too lazy to stop by the NET offices in Lincoln. This is the corner where I might build a cabinet to replace the second-hand storage crates now there. Also, the hockey stick is for sale if anyone’s interested.


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